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Can you design a Kitchen in another State

Yes, I can design and specify for a kitchen remodel in another state. The important part of designing is correct measurements. With the correct measurements I can design your perfect plan, no matter where you live. 

How long does it take to return a design?

Depending on the complexity of the design and room I try to have a preliminary design back to you in 1 week. Small spaces may take less time.

What is the design process like?

Customer's provide measurements and photos of their existing kitchen. We have a Zoom meeting to go over your preferences. From there, I develop perspectives of your new kitchen. We'll have 3-4 Zoom meetings to go over the plans. If you live in my area of Pa. I can help you find a contractor to work on your project. I provide colored renderings, installation drawings include floorplans, and elevations of walls in the room. Notes for installation are included for your contractor.

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